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The “CoreEraser” Technology is usually implemented via either a hardware switch, such as mechanical switch or jumper setting, or some vendor-specified software commands generated by the firmware of the storage drive. When executed, it terminates data in user and free blocks, and/or rebuilds the management table hidden in the system block. Since the process is carried out within the disk drive, no additional software installation is required. Even when power failure occurs, the process will be resumed once the power is back on. The SSD remains workable after being erased. There are three types for Apacer’s CoreEraser Technology:

Class 1: Quick Erase
Quick Erase rebuilds the management table in the system block, which acts as links between data and sectors in the disk drive. Once rebuilt, the data that has been eleted is not traceable because the new table can not resume the links.


Class 2: Full Erase
The Full Erase is an enhanced version of Quick Erase. When the function is performed, not only the management table is rebuilt, but also erases data stored in user    block and free block, making it an ideal option for secure sanitization. Once erased, disk drive will present as a brand new drive since data values in all sectors would equal to “FF”or “00”. All previously stored data on the device will be impossible to recover even if NAND flash chips are disassembled and reattached to other devices.


Class 3: MIL Erase
Apacer’s MIL Erase features a list of drive purge or disk purification options based on the internationally recognized military or industrial standards, which aim to terminate all the data in user & spare blocks, with the intent that it would not be recoverable by any currently known technique. These data purge measures are highly recommended before the storage media in use goes out of the hands of users. Apacer’s SSD products are pre-programmed with software commands for users to active these sanitization standards.


Secure SSD Chart

Interface Model Class 1: Quick Erase Class 2:Full Erase Class 3:MIL Erase
 SATA SSD Series SAFD 25P  V  V  V
 SATA SSD Series  SAFD 255  V  V  V
 SATA SSD Series SAFD 18P  V  V  V
 SATA SSD Series SAFD 25M3  V  V  V
 SATA SSD Series SAFD 18S3  V  V  V
 SATA SSD Series SDM3  V  V  V
 SATA SSD Series mSATA 3  V  V  V
 Flash Card Series CFast  V  V  V

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