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Apacer Officially Launches AP350, the SuperSpeed USB 3.1, Type-C Multifunction Hub Meeting Consumers’ Multifaceted Needs

( Oct 19, 2015 ) Bookmark and Share

(Taipei) The New Apple MacBook, which features only one USB 3.1, Type-C port, has become the center of heated discussion since its launch. At the same time, other non-Apple brands have also launched laptops, smartphones and tablets with similar specifications, formally actuating a new era in connection interfaces and transfer speeds. In response to market trends, Apacer introduced the AP350 SuperSpeed USB 3.1, Type-C Multifunction Hub. The hub features 4 USB ports that are downward compatible to USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, satisfying consumers’ multifaceted needs.

The USB 3.1 with a Type-C port is the latest version of the USB interface specification, improved from the USB 3.0 specification. Besides a significant speed boost, the most prominent feature of USB Type-C is its reversible design. Users no longer need to distinguish between the top and bottom ends of the USB connector, thereby eliminating damage to the USB connector or the device from improper connection. To enhance design aesthetics and reduce weight, manufactures are opting towards designs that only offer a single USB Type-C port, such as the New Apple MacBook and other new-generation devices.

The curved edges and elegant white finish of Apacer’s AP350 Ultra-Fast USB 3.1, Type-C (4 Port) Multifunction Hub fully accents a refined, minimalistic style. Its USB 3.1 specification is twice as fast as USB 2.0, achieving speeds of up to 5 Gbps, and is downward compatible to USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. It retains exceptional power efficiency whilst serving as a miniature power supply for the simultaneous connection of flash drives, portable hard drives, card readers, power banks, and other mobile devices. The AP350 resolves users’ concerns relating to the inability of using different devices concurrently. Those who embrace the new-generation technology can thus enjoy lightweight aesthetics and high-speed connections.

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