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Краткий обзор

  • Stylish & Compact
  • COB Technology
  • Super-mini
  • Strap Hole Design
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Stylish & Super-mini, Best Accessory for Macbook and Ultrabook

Apacer’s latest new super-mini USB flash drives AH116 is inspired by the image of mini corks. It uses the pure colors of ivory white and mysterious black to showcase simple, unique style and taste. With featured COB (Chip on Board) technology, it enables dust-proof, water-proof, shock-proof functions.




*The actual available memory on the device is less than what is listed on the package. This is due to small discrepancies in file formats and algorithms used by various operating systems. In addition, a portion of memory space is reserved for system files and data sectors for better performance.

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Тип Описание Язык ОС Размер Дата выпуска Загрузка Примечание
Utility USB Flash Drive Repair Tool English Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 3.28MB 2017/05/22 USB Flash Drive Repair Tool note
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